Alex Haley

uewb_05_img0319.jpgAlex Haley was an American writer whose work showed the struggles of African-Americans. Alex Haley was born Alexander Murray Palmer Haley on August 11, 1921, in Ithaca, new York. Haley was a Pulitzer prize-winning African American author best known for the book ‘Roots: The saga of an American Family’. The book was about his ancestors’ origins in Africa and their journey from slavery to freedom in America. his book played a huge role in creating awareness about African-Americans in the united states, but also inspired an interest in genealogy among Americans of different ethnicities. Haley was the son of a professor in New York, he grew up learning about how his father had to deal with racism everyday. His first book, ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley’, written in 1965, became an international bestseller, establishing Alex Haley as an acclaimed writer. “The book outlined the life and philosophy of Malcolm X, a famous human rights activist.” when the novel was published it created a sensation and sparked a greatly increased public interest in genealogy, the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history. Two weeks after ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley’ was completed, Haley began to write his next book, ‘Roots’. The book is about the life of Kunta Kinte, an African who was kidnapped from his village in West Africa. After surviving the middle passage, the stage of the triangular trade in which millions of Africans were shipped to the New World and sold, he was made a slave on a plantation in the United States. Haley wanted to make the book as real as possible so he visited libraries, archives, and research repositories on three continents. “He even reenacted Kunta’s experience during the middle passage by spending a night in the hold of a ship (the storage room below deck) stripped to his underwear.” Alex Haley died in Seattle, Washington, on February 10, 1992.


Florida State University

A college in another state that I would like to attend to is Florida State University. Florida state university is located in Tallahassee, Florida. Admission requirements include four English credits, two foreign language credits, two history credits, four math credits, three science credits, two science lab credits, one social studies credit, three academic elective credits. people have a better chance of getting into Florida state university if they have a GPA of 3.75 or higher. Tuition and fees are $6,507 on campus, off campus, and at home. Room and board is $10,264 on campus and off campus, room and board is $2,024 at home.books and supplies are $1,000 on campus, off campus, and at home. Estimated personal expenses are $2,728 on campus, off campus , and at home. Transportation expenses are $1,572 on campus, off campus, and at home. Estimated total is $22.071 on campus and off campus, and $13,831 at home. The student graduation rate at Florida sate university is 76.9%. Florida state university has over forty extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities offered at the university include a baseball club, bass fishing club, badminton club, cycling club, field hockey club, etc. Reasons why someone might consider this college is because there are a lot of cool clubs to choose from, you will be able to meet a lot of new people, and Florida state consistently ranks in the top ten universities.

Robinson Crusoe

In my book Robinson Crusoe has to make a boat in order to get off the island he is stranded on. It has taken him about five months just to make a hollow into a log he found near the island shore. he has also spent one day to cut off all the branches and leafs off the boat he is making. However, Robinson is incredibly scared because, he has heard that the people from the Caribbean are cannibals. So, Robinson has taken time to make dangerous killing weapons and he has also made tool for cutting and to make holes in the ground. It also rains an abundance on the island. In order for Robinson to keep dry he has made himself a little shelter not to deep in the forest nor to close to the island shore. Although, I believe that Robinson is never going to make it off the island because he has almost been at the island for about 2 years now. In my opinion I think that Robinson Crusoe should just live on the island because, no one has attempted to send out a search party to go look for Robinson. I think that Robinson is weak and is doing bad on nutrition because he is low on ammunition for his gun and can’t afford to miss a shot when he is hunting for food so he just has to wait for that big game. Although, I have hopes for Robinson Crusoe, because he has learned a lot and he can use his skills to get himself off that island.

Robinson Crusoe (I predict…)

In the book Robinson Crusoe, Robinson heads out to sea to travel to another country. On the journey there his boat sinks. Unfortunately he is the only one of the crew to make it to shore. I can predict that Robinson Crusoe is going to be stranded on the island for a long time. I also think that Robinsons family is going to send out a search party to go look for Robinson. I also think that Robinson is going to make a raft because in the story it says, that Robinson was chopping trees down to make planks of wood. Robinson has been on the island for over three months now and there is no sign of a search party anywhere. I can also predict that Robinson is going to make a giant sign on the beach, so incase anyone sees the enormous sign on the beach they could help Robinson. In the book it says, that Robinson has never used a tool and now that he is stranded on the island he had to use tools he has never used before. I think that Robinson is going to learn a lot of new things from being stranded on the island. I predict that Robinson is going to be stranded on the island for a whole year or two years. The reason I think that is because he has no way to communicate with his family. Second, no one knows where the boat actually sunk because it is at the bottom of the ocean. thirdly, Robinson  told his parents he was going to another country, and they probably think he has already reached the other country safe and sound.


In the book, The War of The Worlds the narrator is fighting for survival. Recently in the story the Curate dies during a house collapsed on them and died.The narrator survived the wreckage and stayed in the martians pit and survived for fifteen or fourteen days without food and only little water. My prediction of this book is that the narrator is going to make a run for it. I also think that the narrator is going to find other survivors and are going to plan an escape plan. In the story the narrator also mentions his wife and children, i think that he is going to try to look for them. These are my predictions for the book, The War of The Worlds.

The War of The Worlds

In the book The War Of The Worlds, the narrator and the narrators brother, (The Curate) try to escape from the Martians who took over earth. The  Martians go from place to place destroying everything in its path with heat rays and black smoke. The narrator and his brother (The Curate) go from town to town searching for safety and trying to escape the dangerous black smoke the Martians were releasing into the air.